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for PV companies


Solar panels for every project

Solarinstaller is an installation company with over 12 years of experience installing solar panels, both for private and industrial PV projects and for group procurements.

Our teams consist of experienced installers and are actively involved in projects all over Europe. Our installers are very accurate and listen to your requirements and wishes. We put together customised teams to ensure an efficient and correct installation of your PV projects. We only work as subcontractors, in collaboration with other PV professionals.

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Our promise

Trained personnel

We guarantee a seamless installation thanks to our extensive experience and constant retraining.

Certified installation company

We have the required certifications and always work in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Only in partnership

We work exclusively in partnership with other PV companies.

From A to Z

Installation, relocation, adaptation, monitoring, cleaning…

When the sun is shining we can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.

Solarinstaller has already installed plenty of projects in various industries all over Europe in recent years.

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