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Installation of solar panels for the London Olympics.

From an article in Het Nieuwsblad on 28-07-2012:

The company Solarinstaller (Isoroof) recently installed 950 solar panels at the Olympic water sports venue in the UK. As a result, the Olympic Games, which started yesterday evening, will also have a Belgian touch.

In the next two weeks, the Olympic sailors will not be living out their Olympic dream in London but in Weymouth and Portland, in the south of the UK. Among them is Evi Van Acker, one of Belgium’s biggest medal hopefuls. On Tuesday, the athlete will participate in her first event. She already has the support of the Belgians who stayed home but she’ll be happy to know there is also some Belgian support on location. The Staden-based company Isoroof has installed 950 solar panels at the venue. The gym and several of the meeting venues are powered with electricity generated by West Flemish solar panels.

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